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I want to PERSONALLY invite you to take part in my online Barber Pro Launch Training Program.  I created this course to give my fellow Barber/Beauty Pros actionable training to help them 10X their haircutting skills and raise their prices.

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Master All the Advanced Techniques of Barbering from the Most Sought After, Most famous, Experienced, and Award-Winning Barber

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Master the art of advanced fading techniques and all modern techniques to become the most famous barber in your town, charge your desirable rates and enjoy the true meaning of financial freedom even if you have no zero experience within a short time and a tight budget

Dear Friend:

You’re choosing Barber as your profession and want to persuade this Highly-Paid career

Or maybe

You’re already working in this field but facing problems to excel in all the fading techniques 

If this sounds like you

Then let me ask you a question

Would you be ecstatic if I reveal a Step-By-Step Simple system that can help you master all the techniques to become an expert barber? 

Because if you could master all the techniques from the most sought-after and experienced barber, ultimately, that would mean you could charge desirable rates and become the most famous barber in your town.

Now, you’re here because you’re struggling to become an expert barber

You are looking to level up your barber game but can’t find a helping hand around you who can guide you from scratch and help you become an expert barber

You’ve watched a few videos from YouTube but those videos only ended up leaving your frustrated

You are stuck with low-paying customers and can’t find a way to scale up your barber business

The money you’re earning right now isn’t enough to pay your food and family bills 

You’re constantly being judged by your friends and family—they perceive you as an idiot who’s struggling and will struggle to scale up your business


Have you ever caught yourself in the cycle of these questions?

- How can I master fading with all the techniques?

- How can I charge my desirable rates?

- How can I level up my barber game and earn extra bucks?

- How can I become the most famous barber in my town?

- Is there any simple and easy course that can help me to become an expert barber in the shortest possible period? 

And finally to make the matter even worse, sometimes you feel like you’re going to struggle all of your life


The whole universe is against you and nothing is gonna work for you

If this sounds like you

Let me tell you

I understand how you’re feeling right now because I have been in your shoes.

Now imagine, people standing in the lines and begging you to give them a fresh look

Imagine laughing yourself and charging your desirable rates for every haircut

Think about the confidence you would feel after seeing people coming back and back to you 

Not only that but imagine how would it feel to genuinely help people look better by giving them a fresh look.

If you could do this, you would be bursting with confidence-inspiring your friends and make your family proud

If this sound at all like you

I would like you to have a look on 

The Best Way to Master fading techniques: “course name” helping you become the most famous barber in your town and earn extra money

Before I reveal the benefits of this course, I would like to introduce myself 

My name is “INSERT NAME”. I’m working in this field for 20 years now. When I started, I faced the same problems you’re facing right now.

I too

Struggle to Learn all the fading techniques 

Got stuck in the cycle of low-paying customers

Had difficulties handling the tools

Was depressed and helpless

But I didn’t stop and continued my journey. After a few years of struggle, I developed my secret techniques, got excellence in handling all the tools and clippers, and became the master of fading. After a few more years, I devised a system to expand my barber business and charge my desirable rates to enjoy the true meaning of financial freedom.

With my 20 years of extensive experience, I have trained hundreds of thousands of barbers and Hairstylists. 

Not to mention I have also received awards and won many competitions.

Now, I’m ready to hand over to you this simple and easy System to help you gain an extra edge over your competitors. So, you can become the most famous and most sought-after barber in your town and expand your barber business’s balloon. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting or what your skill level is, this system will hold your hand from scratch and will take you to your desired goals (that’s to become the most famous and desirable barber in your town and earn extra money) 

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Arthur will help you develop your barber's eye


Liliana C.

Why the Barber Beauty

secret launch program is a...


Let me speak bluntly:  If you want your barber beauty business to grow,

you have to start taking the right actions that propel you forward, not hold you back. 

That's what is different about what I teach!

What You'll Learn From This Program:

  • Increase Your Income

  • ​Attract Premium Clients

  • Become Oversubscribed

*Limited Spots Remaining*

Who Is Arthur Lyle?

Why You Should Listen!

I would love to show you how I was able to master my hair cutting skills and grow my barber business to over multiple 6-figures in 12 months.  No, it wasn't easy,

but now you have someone who has done what you're trying to accomplish

and is here to help you along the way.

Read This Before

Going ANY further:

From The Desk Of Arthur Lyle

Omaha, NE 

I struggled in my Barber business for many years.  Let's get real, I was dead broke!  I was chasing people around, begging them to be my client.

I was STUCK...

That's when I made my first investment in a private coach.  Over the years I've spent thousands on coaches, courses, and hair shows and 90% of them never helped me.  Then I found 1 thing that changed the game for me.

What I want to do is help you along your journey.  I want to help you go from struggling in a profession you love, to living the life you desire, but master your cutting hair skillset. Therefore, you can have top notch money  from clients that pays premium prices!

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